When you are looking for someone to come into your home and clean the carpets, you want a company you can trust to not only efficiently clean your ChemDry Technicianhouse, but someone who is also honest and looking out for the best interests of your home as well. While the majority of carpet cleaners will do a decent job in your home, there are those who will go above and beyond to produce outstanding results and service, and then there are those who just seem to do more harm than good.

So how do you tell one from the other? And more importantly, how can you choose a carpet cleaner who is the best of the best, who will really achieve the most outstanding results for your home and carpets? Here we look at 7 questions you should always ask your carpet cleaner before they come to do work at your home.

  1. What Are Your Qualifications?

You wouldn’t want an unqualified doctor treating you when you are ill, and you also don’t want an unexperienced technician cleaning your carpets. You should always ask your carpet cleaners what kind of training or experience they have, especially with working with your type of carpet or flooring.

A good carpet cleaner should have years of experience and relevant training, in order to fulfil the job properly.


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  1. Do You Have Relevant Certifications?

Some areas require certifications for carpet cleaning, so if this is the case in your area, make sure your carpet cleaner has the relevant licenses and certificates.

  1. Do You Inspect The Carpet?

When finding a carpet cleaner that gives real value for money and is more likely to complete the job properly, a carpet cleaner who comes to inspeultra-violet lightct the carpet and survey your home is definitely the better choice.

A proper carpet inspection provides many benefits. It allows your cleaner to get an idea of the costing for the project before they start work. It can also help to ensure that your carpet is getting all the relevant care it needs, and any areas that are stained get special attention.


  1. What Cleaning Systems Do You Use?

Every client wants to know if their carpet cleaner is using a cleaning system that is safe, effective, environmentally friendly and good for their carpets. These are the highest priorities when it comes to choosing a cleaning method. You want to choose the most modern and up to date method, as these tend to be the safest and most effective.

Older methods might rely on harsh chemicals that can damage carpet or your health, so these are best avoided.

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  1. Do You Offer Guarantees?

It’s good to know what kind of guarantees you carpet cleaner will offer should something go wrong. Will they fix the mistakes? What kind of guarantee can they give about removing stains or smells?

Asking these questions can help to gauge the level of care and reassurance your carpet cleaner can offer.

  1. Do You Have Proper Insurance?

Sometimes things can go wrong. That is just a matter of fact in our lives. But when it comes to the carpets in your home, something going wrong can turn into a very expensive mistake. Before carpet cleaners come to work in your home, it’s important you ascertain whether they have the relevant insurance to cover any mistakes or accidents that may arise.

  1. Is the Price ‘What You See Is What You Get’?

There’s nothing worse than having work done and the price skyrocketing due to added fees, hidden costs and unforeseen expenses. Most of us would prefer to have an all-inclusive price given upfront, so see if your carpet cleaner can offer that, so that you can make a better informed decision.

It may be a while since you’ve had professional carpet cleaning – probably too long! But that doesn’t mean you can’t choose the right cleaner for you. By asking these 7 questions you can find the right carpet cleaner, to minimise the risk of damage and accidents occurring, in order to get the best results in your home every time.