Carpets greatly boost the aesthetics and comfort of homes and workplaces. However, they harbour a lot of dust and dirt.  Choosing an appropriate carpet cleaning method can be confusing. Homeowners are often unsure of the best method to use and the frequency of cleaning. While some clean monthly others clean quarterly or annually. Either way, it is difficult to find a means that removes stains, dust and dirt completely.

Carpet cleaning companies offer various carpet cleaning methods for effective cleaning. Vacuuming is a prerequisite for all cleaning methods. It removes dust and loose surface dirt from the carpet, making the cleaning of the carpet more effective.

  • Shampooing

Shampooing involves use of foamy solutions that soak into the carpet absorbing dust particles. A wet vacuum cleaner is used to suck up the foam from the carpet.

This method requires a lot of time for the carpet to dry. In some cases, some residues are left behind. As such, this method has become outdated and is being replaced by other more effective methods.

  • Steam cleaningsteam clean

It is also referred to as hot water extraction. This process involves spraying the rug/carpet with a solution that binds and loosens the dirt. This removes grease and oil stains while absorbing dust particles. Pressurized  extraction machines are used to rinse the carpet.

Any dirt that has penetrated into the carpet fibres like vomit, blood, liquid wastage or urine can only be effectively cleaned using this method.

This method is among the most preferred methods in the cleaning industry as it is highly effective.

  • Bonnet cleaning

Bubbles Carpet The carpet is sprayed with a carbonation solution which dissolves the soil particles and boils them to the surface of the carpet. Thereafter, a rotary buffing machine is used to absorb the solution from the carpet.

Although this method is preferred because less water is used and the carpet dries faster; it is limited in that it has a limited capability of removing soil particles.



Professional Carpet Cleaners have valuable insight on the best carpet cleaning method to be used for specific carpets.  Furthermore, some carpet manufactures suggest the appropriate method for cleaning particular carpets. Consider these factors when choosing an appropriate carpet cleaning method.

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