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ChemDry Amazing offers you the unique advantages and benefits of the professional carpet cleaners in Brisbane. You would be amazed at how our carpet cleaning process is drier, cleaner and healthier, making us the best choice for your carpets.

ChemDry Amazing is a local, independent Commercial & Residential Carpet Cleaning company based in Hamilton area and supporting Brisbane, which holds the experience and backing of the largest carpet cleaning company in the world. Our staff can come to your home or business, whether you are located in Aspley or Annerley.

  • Your carpets will be sparkling clean and usually dry within 1-2 hours
  • We use approximately 10% of the water steam cleaners use to clean carpets and upholstery
  • We use an all natural, crystal clear carbonation solution to clean
  • No dirt attracting residue is left behind, spots are less likely to appear or wick up the surface after cleaning
  • There is no chance for mould and mildew to begin to grow, with ChemDry’s fast drying time

green certify Chem-dry eco safeRest assured our cleaning solution, The Natural™, is made completely from all-natural ingredients. You’ll find NO soaps, detergents, solvents, enzymes or other harsh chemicals in our cleaning products. This means you get 100% Green & Eco-Friendly carpet cleaning that is completely safe for your children & pets.

  • We don’t use soaps, detergents or harsh chemicals to get our great results
  • We have the power of the crystal clear carbonating bubbles
  • We pride ourselves on using safe, non-toxic cleaning solutions
  • Our products are safe for your children and pets
  • Ingredients in the products are copied from Mother Nature herself

Green and Clean natural cleaning Chem-dry

carpet and rug institute logo seal of approvalIt’s the power of carbonation that allows us to clean your carpet & fabrics with such amazing effectiveness. Similar to using club soda to remove stains from a shirt, we’ve evolved the same concept in our carpet cleaning process. Carbonation lifts dirt & grime to the surface much easier so less water has to be consumed. This gives you much faster drying times and less chance of harmful bacteria from growing.

About Chemdry Amazing Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Brisbane has a subtropical climate and has mostly sunny days and warm humid weather for most of the year. Brisbane get most of its rain during the late summer months with thunderstorms and torrential rain. It is not unusual to get soft general rain during the winter months.

Research has shown that our carpets carry more bacteria per square inch that our toilets. You will find nasty creatures like dust mites, carpet beetles, fleas together with their larvae and eggs in a carpet.

There are several fungi and mould types that can cause serious allergies like aspergillus, cladosporium and rhizopus to name only a few. Another germ is enterococci that can cause urinary tract infection. If your immune system is compromised due to an illness, micrococcus can cause skin infections or meningitis. The Norwalk virus can survive in your carpet for six weeks and would become airborne as you walk across your carpet. It can cause cramps and stomach flu. Elderly people and young ones are prone to campylobacter, a germ that can cause bloody diarrhoea and fever. There are many more nasty things that can live in your carpet and therefore we have to take preventative measures to limit their impact.

Bacteria growth is determined by moisture, temperature, ph and oxygen. Brisbane ticks all the boxes with our high humidity, rainfall, sunny days and liveable climate. During the summer we tend to leave our windows and doors open and this invites clothes moths, spiders and cockroaches to move inside where it is more comfortable with an endless food source if we do not avoid spillages and apply adequate pest management. During the winter, when there is less ventilation, the insects and germs will keep on growing as we heat our homes and make it as enjoyable as possible to live in.

The biggest contribution that you, the resident can make is to vacuum your carpets regularly. This will have the biggest impact on the air that you breathe and removing the nasty things hidden in your carpet. The trick is to do it slowly and efficient – no rush and into the corners and crevices around the skirtings. High traffic areas and pet areas should be vacuumed daily, whilst the medium traffic areas and around the edges should be done weekly. Spots and spills should be cleaned as soon as it happens with chemicals from a professional carpet cleaner according to the instructions.

Vacuuming will maintain your carpets but you should get the services of a professional carpet cleaner regularly. We suggest every 6 months if you have pets that are allowed in the house, especially if there are toddlers around. At least once a year with young kids or elderly people in the house. Professional carpet cleaning not only clean your carpet, but also maintains your carpet warranty. Ask Chemdry Amazing about sanitizing and protecting your carpet. Dust mite allergen treatment can be applied after the cleaning process. Make sure to discuss problem areas and previous spills and spoils with the technician.

Chemdry Amazing Brisbane is looking forward to hear from you!