Wishart property needed urgent carpet cleaning – coffee, oil and grease stains, blood and urine removal together with pest and flea control

Carpet cleaning needed that includes stains, marks and spill

Chemdry Amazing Wishart was called by a distressed owner of a rental property.  The renters did a runner ans his house required a details carpet cleaning.  The carpets were filthy and in a bad shape as the renters did not care for it.  The landlord was contemplation replacing the carpet.  Coffee stains, cordial spills, oil and grease marks – it looked like a motorbike had been serviced in the lounge room.  Even a spot that appeared to be blood!

In order to save money, Chemdry Amazing Wishart’s technician was called to attend.  With the Amazing ChemDry Carpet cleaning products, our highly motivated technician cleaned the carpets of this 4 bedroom house.  They used Chem-Dry’s unique high powered solution combined with our hot water extraction method to return this carpet to its previous glory.  The stains were removed.   Luckily, the oil stains could also be removed.  It goes to show, Chemdry’s stain removal chemical work!

To make the landlord smile even bigger was that the urine smell in the house was also eliminated.  The technician used Chem-Dry’s renowned pet urine removal treatment to break up the urine crystals.  After Chemdry Amazing’s carpet cleaning, stain removal and pet urine removal, this house was in the market for rental again.  Luckily, the owner got Chemdry Amazing in before he had to lay our capital and replace the carets.  The carpets came out as good as new.  Because of the pet in the house, we could assist with pets control for fleas and cockroaches.

Chemdry Amazing in Wishart also offer leather and fabric upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, rug cleaning, anti-dust mite treatment, pest control and water damage restoration.  Call us al day 24 hours for water damage emergency.

We specialize in carpet and upholstery cleaning of big businesses.  If needed, the job can be done after hours not to interfere with the normal flow of business.  We have a team of technicians to service Wishart and the bigger Brisbane areas.  Therefore, no job is too big or too small.

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