Even the cleanest homes need upholstery cleaning

Some of our clients understand that cleaning not only the carpet but the also the upholstery regularly help improve the health in the home.  Even in Eagle Farm or Hamilton and the newest of homes, your sofas and chairs get dirty.  Our team is careful to treat all types of furniture with the best of care.  We can determine if a dry cleaning method is the best or is the hot water extraction the best to rid the furniture of odours and dirt.  Even the most expensive leathers can be cleaned by our team of careful professionals.  We have worked with Jadran bought furniture as well as from Nick Scali and others.  We even cleaned furniture in some of the most expensive furniture stores!

All types of upholstery can be cleaned by our teamleather armchair

Whether it is leather or fabric furniture or your valued cushions and pillows, we know how to clean and remove those stains for you.  We can also deordorize and sanitize the furniture as well so that your home is safe and comfortable.

  • Dirt and soil is brought to the surface of your fabric upholstery, using the power of carbonation.
  • Then, using our powerful ChemDry Amazing cleaning systems the dirt is vacuumed away.
  • ChemDry Amazing’s upholstery cleaning secret is the millions of tiny effervescent cleaning bubbles in our patented upholstery cleaner ‘The Natural.’

Our team can come into your home or business and do a complete clean for a everything from your carpet, tiles, and furniture.  You only need to call 1800 017 925 for your carpet and leather cleaning needs.