Clean your Tiles?

How often do you take time to look at your floors? Really look at them?do not work on tiles let us

You probably already know why it’s important to have your carpets cleaned, but did you know your tiles and grout are just as important?

We all know how amazing it feels to walk into a home with clean and sparkling floors. It’s probably one of the first things you notice when you visit friends and family.

You can buy some cleaning products yourself and get your brushes or your mop and spend an afternoon hard at work scrubbing … but this can only do so much for your floors, and no doubt you have something better to do with your time which is why your tiles and grout are in need of a little TLC to start with …

So, here are our top reasons why you should have your tile and grout cleaned by a professional.

  • Knowledge: A professional knows what they are doing. Before the work begins, someone will inspect the floors. They will check for any damage and evaluate the condition of your tiles and grout to see what needs to be done.
    • TILES: There are many different types of tiles and each one needs a specific cleaning method. This might mean ceramic tiles need a different chemical solution applied than marble tiles; or the pressure required to clean a porcelain tile might be less harsh than sandstone. Some tiles may be in hard to reach places and require a special attachment.
    • GROUT: Grout in particular attracts grime and stains because it’s a porous material, so every time you sweep, you’re actually contributing to the “mess”. Grout is the gap of anywhere from 1mm to 15mm (sometimes more) between the tiles and of course, the larger the gap, the more cleaning will be needed. A professional will test the grout’s sealant and apply an emulsifying solution which will help to loosen up any of the dirt and grime. Once the solution is ready, they will wash it away.

Rather than worrying yourself, get someone who knows what they are doing and can do the job right, and in just a few easy steps, you’ll have your floors looking brand new.

  1. kitchen tilesMould: The most common places in the home to have tiles are the bathroom and the kitchen and of course, these are the most likely places to attract mould. This is particularly the case if your rooms are poorly ventilated; if it’s a colder time of year when your windows are not open as often, but you’re using more hot water and creating more steam; or if – like 99% of people – your bath mats are working 100% and you get water on the floor.
  2. Hygiene: Every day, you walk across the tiles in your home. Your children might drop food and drinks. Your dog might scratch itself, your cat might go to sleep. Your shoes could be filled with mud, or the wind may have blown dust in. Odours, allergens, stains – can you image what all of this is doing to your tiles and grout? Particularly a good idea to have these cleaned if you have, or are having, a baby that will be crawling around.
  3. Attractiveness: If you’re having guests come to visit and maybe you’re planning a big family get-together at yours for Christmas, you generally want the house to look its best. Getting your tiles and grout cleaned is sure to impress the toughest of critics (even the in-laws).
  4. Value: Whether you are renting out your home or planning on selling, getting someone in to professionally clean the tiles and grout is essential to the value of the property. It’s not just about the carpets, but you may also find that if your floors are sparkling, you will attract more buyers and higher quality tenants.
  5. Lifetime: Getting the tiles and grout professionally cleaned can actually extend the life of your floors and regular maintenance (we recommend annually) can prevent you from having to get the tiles and grout replaced.
  6. Fun: You get to go and have fun while a professional company like Chemdry Amazing takes care of the hard work!

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