Tiles are beautiful, but like every other floor covering, constant maintaining and tile cleaning is a must. Keeping to such a routine will ensure that your tiles are gleaming and will last for many years to come. Simple cleaning methods like sweeping or vacuuming them regularly to get rid of debris then using a damp mop to them is advised.

Woman on TileThis gets rid of any dust and debris that can cause them wear and tear accelerating their aging process. This cleaning routine should be done as frequent as possible more so in high traffic areas as they experience more detrimental factors.

You can also invest in protective floor mats or pads especially on some areas that are susceptible to wear and tear. These include areas where you place heavy furniture, on entrances, exits, kitchen sinks, cooking stoves and hallways where foot traffic is heavier. These protective shields will trap substances like dirt, grit, asphalt, oil etc.

Neglected tiles especially on high traffic areas might need specialized cleaning from professionals to restore them back to shape. Chemdry Amazing know the cleaning methods and tools to use for this job. However, you can also conduct some heavy duty cleaning yourself, equipped with the right products.



Don’t use this on your tiles

  • Cleaners that contain bleach should be avoided at all costs even when conducting routine maintenance. Wax based cleaners or detergents should also be avoided.
  • For grout joints, use silicone sealers immediately after installation and endeavour to use products that are compatible. Test sealants and detergents on a small section to determine whether it is gentle enough for your floor before proceeding further.tile clean and tile dirty
  • Never use harsh products like steel wool or abrasive scouring pads that can cause damage to the tiles.
  • Never use coloured chemicals or detergents on unglazed tiles as they can cause discolouration.
  • Household bleaches and ammonia should be avoided but instead use the right detergents and follow the given instructions.