Superior Carpet, Rug and Upholstery Cleaning, Alderley

Do you plan a tidy-up and cleaning of your carpets, rugs or upholstery?  Do you want to be ensured that it is done correctly the first time?

Chemdry Amazing in Alderley will certainly be the carpet cleaning company to phone to get full customer satisfaction.  Chemdry Amazing Alderley serve residential homes and also concentrate on workplaces and businesses.  With our environment friendly solution carpets, rugs and upholstery could be sparkling clean if done by one of our highly trained technicians

The technicians at Chemdry Amazing Alderley will not let you down.  You could trust us when the work entails carpet , fabric or leather upholstery , Persian of shaggy rugs or urine smell removal caused by our lovely pets.  We also specialize in water damage restoration and general pest control.

Carpets need regular cleaning

Our best friend does get urine mishaps and we have to protect them against fleas

People’s best friends do sometimes get confused as which toilet to use!  The carpet seems to be quite a good area to mark their territory – in particular the shaggy rugs.  This to the annoyance of their owners.  But don’t fear.  Chemdry Amazing’s technicians will apply Pet Urine Removal Treatment to break up the urine crystals.  With our powerful extraction machines, we will extract the urine.  Your home will be healthy clean and refresh again.  All applause to the one of a kind Pet Urine Removal Treatment that makes Chemdry so unique.

Chemdry Amazing’s technicians are properly educated in stains and spills on carpets and upholstery.  They are also highly skilled when it comes to the cleaning of any kind of rug, being Persian, Turkish or the normal shaggy rug.  No job is too big or too small – we do them all!

Apart from carpet cleaning, we specialize in water damage restoration.  our technicians will assist you in case of a water damage crisis.  We are available 24 hours for emergency work.

Chemdry Amazing also provides general pest control.  Call us when the first signs appear of fleas on your animals.  Together we will work to make life easier for your dogs and cats.  Cockroaches create a health risk to your family.  Do not let that happen.  Call on Chemdry Amazing in Alderley to arrange for pest management.

We ate Chemdry Amazing in Alderley are looking forward to serving you.

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