Chemdry Amazing use P.U.R.T - Pet Urine Removal Treatment in BrisbanePet odour removal in Hendra

ChemDry Amazing understand that over time carpets can become ingrained with grime, dirt and stains, which give off an unpleasant odour.  If you’ve got small children you’ll be well aware when the kids drop ketchup, chocolate or juice on your carpets stains can quickly spread making them deteriorate rapidly.  Pet owners are more likely to have their carpets regularly cleaned.

The hot water extraction method (carpet steam cleaning) will be used to get rid of the urine liquid, but the protein crystals will still be embedded in the carpet fibres, backing and underlay. This can take up to five years to off gas and will create an unpleasant smell. You can read more about our natural product called PURT under the “Services” tab named “Pet Urine Removal Treatment”; this describes how we will get rid of the foul smelling odour of pet urine.

How can we treat Odours in your home or business?

  • Odours can be nauseating and the smell will remain in your carpet until it is cleaned professionally.
  • Our specialists use only natural environmentally friendly chemicals that can help neutralise odours from forming bacteria.
  • Your carpets and upholstery will be left smelling fresh and clean.
  • Of course some strong smells, for instance urine can be absorbed through the carpet itself into the flooring and in such a case the source will also have to be treated to enable us to get rid of the unpleasant smell.

Stains on your carpets

Chemdry Amazing will remove stubborn pet urine smells foreverStains on light coloured carpets are unsightly and could eventually rot the material if left untreated.  Common stains such as ink, coffee, grease, oil and even blood should be removed as soon as possible with the help of specialist carpet and rug cleaners.  Our trained professionals use a variety of methods for treating certain kinds of stains. We have the experience and know-how of how to get the best possible results to restore your carpets and to get rid of foul smelling odours. Even pet urine stains can be removed with the help of our cleaning techniques.