old homeNew Farm pest removal in an old home

Pest can be found anywhere.  In new home but especially old homes like this Queenslander we recently visited.  They originally called about cloth moths, but we were also able to spray for their ant problems as well.  In addition, we completely cleaned their carpets first and had the entire smelling fresh with our deodorizing and sanitation Premium cleaning Package.

Cloth moths and carpet beetles are fabric pests and are responsible for damaging many natural fabrics around the home like wool carpets and cotton upholstery.  Damp and dirty homes can become a breeding ground for many pests including these destructive insects and regular cleaning and our non pesticide  pheromone cloth moth traps. We can target the neglected areas of the room and bait and trap the pests and also make sure the dirt is also removed.   We can look under the furniture, the carpet edges and under seldom used furniture.  We also can spray for the most common types of bugs that you might see in your home.

Some of the common types of insects we can treat for:

  • carpet beetles
  • cloth moths
  • ants
  • dust-mites
  • cockroaches

Advantages of Carpet Cleaning with ChemDry Amazing

  • Having your carpets cleaned with non-hazardous chemicals produces superior results with rapid drying times
  • We use an all natural, crystal clear carbonation solution to clean
  • Our cleaning process has revolutionized the industry

Old and new carpets will benefit with our superior processes and revitalize any homes appearance.  Even if there aren’t any bugs you can see, your home can still always use a good spring cleaning any time of the year.  Contact one of our friendly carpet cleaning technicians today at 1800 017 925 or use the Request a quote form on the right side of this page to have them come out and make your old home new again.