The pest control specialists from Chemdry Amazing for your insect control issues

Living in Hamilton and require pest controls and a carpet cleaning?  Trust the pest control specialists from Chemdry Amazing for your insect control issues.  Our staff can bring you a clean fresh smelling house as well as control your incloth mothsects and keep your carpet and upholstery hole free.  The Nundah area has a lot of humidity and warm weather all year long.  These are perfect conditions for breeding the insects.  Our approach is to keep your family healthy and pest free.  Let our team clean and sanitize the carpet and spray for the most common pests like dust-mites, ants and carpet beetles.  We can also put out pesticide-free cloth moth traps to keep the moths away from your carpets and upholstery.

The cloths moths can remain hidden for a long time before they are found, and generally the damage is already started by then.  We can leave the moth traps even if you have children because they are pesticide free and safe around children and pets.  If you want to control dust-mites and reduce the chance of allergies from dust-mites by using our anti-dust mite anti-allergen spray. anti-dust mite spray


In addition to controlling your pests, remember that we also provide fast drying carpet cleaning in less than 2 hours. Whether you need, residential carpet cleaning  or  commercial carpet cleaning, we will provide you with the best standard of professional carpet cleaning for your Hamilton home or office.  We are happy  option to have your carpets and upholstery cleaned without compromising your family’s health!  We provide the  top quality services you can expect from your Chemdry Amazing technician.  We also provide competitive prices and top-quality home care products that you can use in-between carpet cleans (ask your Chemdry Technician for prices).chemdry sprays for sale

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