Why We Should Always Clean Leather Products

Leather products add a touch of class to our products and décor, and also provide us with long lasting products. Leather products are usually expensive as compared to most fabric products. Therefore, it is important that we take very good cleaning leather furniture and take care of our leather products if they are to remain attractive and useful in the long run.
One way of maintaining your leather products is by cleaning them regularly and efficiently. Leather is a natural product which is porous and can be damaged if care is not taken when cleaning the product. For efficient leather cleaning, the following steps should be used and applied to all leather products.

Steps on How to Clean Leather Productsleather-furniture-5

  • Prepare your workspace. Prevent dripping and spilling on the carpet or hard floor on which you are working.
  • Gather all the detergents and supplies: The first step is ensuring that all the necessities needed to clean the leather are obtained and prepared. This may include water, pieces of cloth, soft horse hair brush, a leather cleaning detergent and protective leather coating.
  •  Next, dampen the piece of cloth and apply the cleaning detergent to the leather product using the piece of cloth. Gently agitate the soiled areas and then use another piece of cloth to wipe off the cleaning detergent from the product.
  •  Once you are satisfied with the cleaning result, apply the protective coating to a damp rag and apply to your leather product.
  • Your leather product will absorb the protective coating and a second coating may be applied once the first one has dried. Because leather is porous the protective coating will be absorbed within minutes and the set will be dry and ready to be used within an hour.

LS10000170Although leather products can be cleaned easily and with available materials, it is always important that you consult an expert in leather cleaning so as to advise you further on the best way of cleaning you leather. Additionally, always read the manufacturer’s instructions on how best to take care of your leather.
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