Spot the spill and clean it up.

Not all carpet spots is as easy as the spill on the right to find.  Many can go undetected for days before they can be cleaned and by then it may be too late for most of the home remedies to clean up.  This was the case in an apartment in Lutwyche and it was an overflow of water from the laundry that spilled on the carpet and stained it brown.  The problem was, it took several days to notice the carpet spots since the tenant was away on holidays.  Our team was able to remove the water stain and restore the carpet back to new.

You can get the best out of carpets by frequently vacuuming them, leaving them unattended for a while will only let dust and dirt build up, once this happens they become a lot more difficult to clean. Vacuuming a couple of times a week will also help with the wear and tear as once grime and dirt build up, it can lodge itself in the carpet fibres causing irreversible damage. It doesn’t matter how careful you are, sometimes spills on carpets can’t be avoided. You should get them professionally removed as soon as possible especially coffee, blood, juice and red wine stains. Even the smallest carpet spots can spoil the appearance of a carpet, so do deal with it straightaway before it seeps into the pile. When dealing with spills yourself, never scrub the carpet, always mop up and wipe stains gently. You may worsen the situation by scrubbing the carpet and embedding the substance that caused the carpet stainspill into the fibres of the carpet.

It doesnt take long to get dirty again

It doesn’t take long for carpets spots to become permanent over time, to make sure you get value for money they should be vacuumed regularly with an industrial vacuum cleaner and then cleaned and sanitized by one of our professionals at ChemDry Amazing. Brisbane’s humid climate will certainly take its toll on carpets making them look tired and faded so much so that the colours won’t look as good as the day the flooring was bought. Don’t leave your carpets to deteriorate, contact ChemDry Amazing online or directly by telephone to make an appointment to have them thoroughly cleaned by a reputable carpet cleaning company. We can remove the most stubborn of stains and spots without damaging the material. It is not expensive to employ the services of a reputable carpet cleaner and a much cheaper option than having to replace the carpet itself.