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Cleaning carpets in Brisbane the drier, cleaner, healthier way!

We are an experienced, dedicated, friendly and professional team of experts who provide an extensive range of services to our customers. Do you want your carpet, upholstery and tile cleaning provided by someone you can trust? We stand by our claims.
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ChemDry Carpet Cleaning Services won’t leave you with soaking wet, smelly carpets.

Have you ever noticed that when something is wet for a long time it often starts to smell? Well that’s usually because mold and bacteria have begun to grow. That can happen when a carpet cleaner soaks your carpet with litres and litres of soapy water. Not only can the odour be unpleasant, it can become very unhealthy as well. With a drier cleaning system like Chem-Dry, you don’t have to worry about that. Your carpets are clean, dry, and healthy.

  • Dirt, dust, and other allergens are lifted to the surface and extracted away instead of being forced deeper into your carpet.
  • Chem-Dry’s ‘The Natural’ cleaning solution cleans better and doesn’t contain any hazardous chemicals that could harm your family and pets.
  • Steam cleaning can dump buckets of water on your carpet and underpad. When water is driven into your carpet and underpad by steam cleaning it can be left behind, this water can create a breeding ground for mould and bacteria in just hours. It can also leave behind chemicals and soapy, dirt-attracting residue. Some steam cleaners use harsh chemical with a high pH, which can cause irritation to some people and perhaps a family pet.

More benefits of a drier carpet cleaning services

  • Sparkling clean carpets that you can walk on almost immediately
  • Having your carpets cleaned is not such an unpleasant experience
  • Less slip/fall hazard because of wet surfaces in your home or business
  • No dirt attracting residues that cost you money in the long run
  • No risk of shrinkage
  • No rotting carpet backing or pad

Giving yourself a healthier outlook on life with our Carpet Cleaning Services.

Many people think that the best way to clean is to “soak” the carpets and “suck” the water back out – the method commonly known as steam cleaning … But this soggy approach has some serious drawbacks. Steam cleaning can dump buckets of water into your carpet and underlay, and this water creates a breeding ground for mould and bacteria in just hours.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States recommends having your carpets cleaned every six months. One of the important benefits of carpeting is that it actually traps airborne allergens like a filter. Don’t take our word for it. Run your hand over your carpet in a well lit room and see what it releases into the air. Providing that your carpet is kept clean and dry, your carpets will promote a healthier home.

Other Benefits include:

  • Dries in minutes
  • Removes most stains
  • Pet Urine odour / stain removal
  • Same Day service
  • No steam or shampoo
  • Dust- Mite anti allergen treatment
  • Flood damage
  • Professional service by trained technicians
  • Carpet repairs and restretching
  • Leather/Fabric upholstery cleaning


Carpet Cleaning Reasons to have invisible carpets

Dinner Party in Ascot

Clearly, we have our friends over to show off our antiques, latest furnishings and exclusive paintings. There is a possibility that our favourite chef from a three star Michelin restaurant in Paris, is visiting Australia and we have to have some people around to sample his exquisite skill in the kitchen. And naturally for them to fawn over our international jet-set connections.
All of this hard work to show off our social superiority would be for nothing if we did not count on Stephen and Marianne from Chemdry to care for our carpets. Soft underfoot, odourless and always looking like they have just been laid, our carpets match our social standing and keep our guests’ attention on the things that matter, our unique possessions.

Barbeque in Nundah

The great Australian backyard is a wonderful place. Where else on the planet can you play cricket, have a dance or just a Barbie with friends and neighbours. Getting visitors and the occasional rellie to the best place on the planet, involves taking them through the house. To keep the cleaning easier we ask them to remove their shoes and walk over the carpet. We always get the same comments. How do you keep your carpet so soft and colourful? We try to keep it secret for as long as we can, but we buckle under and tell them about Stephen and Marianne from Amazing Chemdry. We have to, because they might invite us for a Barbeque in Nundah and we want to walk on carpets as clean as ours.

Having the Girls over for a chat in Clayfield

Shoes are a girl’s best friend. It doesn’t matter how you feel, or the state of your health, shoes always fit, look good and make you feel better. Getting the girls around for coffee and chat it is important that their shoes stand out. A desert sand or light creamy carpet will show off shoes in the very best way. Problem is that all the stains from the kids and him also get shown off. Stephen and Marianne are girl’s chat and shoe show-off saviours. They wave their magic wands and all the stains disappear, leaving just a wonderful shoe show-off background. Of course this leads to the juiciest conversation in Brisbane and Clayfield.