Pest removal

Winter is officially here…it’s been a slow start, but now we are seeing some cooler weather, and even though you may think that the pests you usually see around your home are slowing down a bit, that’s not really the case. During winter, rodents are a major concern because, well, they feel the bugs eat clothcold like we do. And with this, they generally try to squeeze their way into your home, where it is nice and cosy. The warm summer provides bumper breeding conditions for rats and mice, but now the winter has arrived, swollen numbers are desperate for food and shelter, and your home is where they are coming. So now is a great time to make sure those unwanted pests are controlled before it gets out of control.

Not only are rodents a threat, but during winter, pests don’t normally hibernate. Termites keep termiting, ants keep on anting, and cockroaches keep losing football matches, and this year, there’s an added threat with a breed of mosquitos that just loves the cold air. After the recent rains, it’s pretty important you take a few precautions to stop the spread of chronic diseases, especially with the recent outbreak of Zika Virus across the globe. Elimination of breeding areas around the home and personal protective measures to avoid being bitten are the best ways to avoid mosquito-borne diseases.

There’s a bunch of different ways you can prevent other unwanted pests from moving in, and honestly the best way to do that, is to keep your house and yard tidy. A clutter free shed or garage is the perfect place to start.

All those “treasured memories” and other boxes of stuff you forgot you even had, might be better off in the bin, but if you can’t force yourself to toss it, maybe it can be stored more effectively. Plastic tubs with clasping lids or metal containers are perfect for storage, because their tight fit lids remove the chance of pests getting in, they stack much better than boxes, and they are really difficult for pests to chew through. If you’re storing something that rodents would like to munch on, put it in a sealed container.

As far as ants and rodents, and what they eat are concerned, if you create an easy meal for them, by leaving food scraps or left-over food around, you are digging yourself into a very deep pesthole. Another maybe time consuming, yet simple way to control rodents getting into your home is to seal the entry points into the house with small gauge mesh or similar material that a rodent cannot chew through. Seal the bottoms of doors with weather seals or strips; check your eaves and other holes in walls or joins (mice only need a hole that’s 6mm to get through).

mosquitoFor mosquitoes, their favourite places to breed are in stagnant water. Inspect your home for any containers (pot plant holders, buckets, car tyres) that hold water and make sure they are emptied. Clean up the garden and make sure there is nothing around the house that holds permanent water, and make sure your flyscreens have no holes.

Foliage, tree branches that overhang the roof and gutters and shrubs against the house can create the perfect freeway for spiders, rodents, ants and termites. Trim them down so they don’t touch the walls, and it will limit their access.

So that has covered a few different ways to prevent pests getting into your home, but if the pesky little buggers are already being a problem in your home, the best way to attack that is with proper professional pest management by Chemdry Amazing.

Winter is a good time to start controlling other pests as well, like clothes moths, dust mites, carpet beetles, fleas and roaches. Even though its winter, we still live in a pretty humid climate, and all of these pests just love it here.

pest worryFor dust mites, sanitizing your carpet and anti-dust mite allergen spray are essentials for controlling them. Chemical sprays, moth traps and a Chemdry Amazing carpet and upholstery clean are the best ways to control all the other carpet and furniture dwelling creatures.

Pest control doesn’t need to be a burden. If you keep a tidy house and yard, and have regular spraying and assessments done in your home, you limit your chances of being taken over by new and unwanted freeloading housemates.