Carpets complete the interior design of a home or office making it look warm and friendly. Therefore, carpet cleaning is important for maintaining the warm and friendly look and ensuring good health.

Cleaning carpets can be achieved by either using the wet cleaning method or dry cleaning method. The wet cleaning method involves more moisture than the dry cleaning method. For the carpets to dry it takes around two to four hours, depending on the weather and the length of the carpet pile.carbonization

Dry Carpet Cleaning Process

The dry cleaning method makes use of a carbonation chemical and low moisture. This results in a quick drying time of the carpets. This application is very use full in cases where a quick drying time is important like retirement villages and hospitals.

Anti bacterial treatment can be combined with the dry cleaning method. The use of low moisture has the advantage that carpets dry very quickly, eliminating the chance of bacteria and mold growing. Killing germs and bacteria helps in preventing allergies and infections.
Hospital carpetLow moisture usage prevents carpets from bad smells, usually caused by insufficient drying. This also helps in maintaining the original color and prevent them from shrinking. Therefore, the carpets will always look new. In the long run, cleaning your carpets results in maintaining and prolonging the life of your carpets.

Carpet dry cleaning is a reliable and cost effective method to use.

At Chemdry Amazing we do not use chemicals that are hazardous for your health, we use chemicals that are environmental friendly.  Contact our friendly staff to discuss how ChemDry Amazing can keep your staff and customers safe, clean and happy in your hospital, office, hotel or retirement village today.  We would love to come out and show you some of our options.  Remember we also clean vinyl and tiles so we can clean any surface that your business may have to offer.