• Hosting the family Christmas party?  You should look at cleaning up a bit before guests arrive.
  • Planning a big celebration for New Year’s?  We can help clean carpets before and after the big party.
  • Maybe it’s time you did some spring cleaning?  We are always able to clean up carpets, tiles, and upholstery for you.

While Christmas Christmas partyshopping and party planning is now getting underway in earnest, have you thought about what your home might like for Christmas? Perhaps a fresh coat of paint or finally giving the oven a clean? Although your home might not appreciate it, you and your guests will love a fresh, clean home for the summer holidays, and here are some tips to really spruce up your home for Christmas.

Clean Your Carpets

Christmas girlWhether or not you’ve been keeping up on the vacuuming, the sad reality is that our carpets are a convenient hiding place for large amounts of dust, dirt, pet hair, dust mites (and their droppings!) and stains. These things don’t just make you feel grossed out just thinking about them, they can actually be detrimental to health, with pet dander (hair) and dust mites being two of the most common allergens affecting humans. While regular vacuuming can only do so much, a thorough professional carpet cleaning can really make a huge difference in rejuvenating the carpet, removing all the old trodden in dirt and dust, and making your home a healthier and welcoming one than before. Surprisingly affordable and effective carpet cleaning can really make a big difference to the look and feel of a home and is a great step to take in preparing your home for guests to visit. Best of all, you can finally get rid of all the stains that you weren’t able to remove after all of last year’s merry making!

Give it a Really Good Dusting

Most of us can get around to wiping down the benches and tables, sweeping the floor and running the vacuum through the house every now and again, but when was the last time your gave the family heirlooms in the living room a good dusting? Eek, don’t answer that! Well, with Christmas around the corner, now is the perfect time to give your TV, bookshelves, stereo and cabinets all a thorough dusting and rid them of that silty layer before for the family arrives for Christmas lunch. Grab a duster with an extendable brush to reach high shelves and those old cobwebs, while electrostatic or microfibre cloths work great on those items closer to eye level as they pick up even the tiniest bits of fluff, dust and hair.

Overhaul Your Furniture

Christmas celebrationBeen meaning to fix that broken chair and get the couch upholstered or cleaned? With all your visitors over the holiday season you’re going to need all the sitting area you can get, so give your furniture an overhaul now. A good polishing on wood furnishings will remove dust, dirt and fingerprints and give back that lustre, while a thorough wiping down of glass or plastic furniture with cleaning spray and a cloth will ensure it’s completely fresh and clean for your guests.

Leather or upholstery attract our body fluids and often get the occasional spill in front of the TV. Do a professional clean before it becomes a destructive stain that can not be removed.

Don’t Forget the Garden

Although the front of the house is actually the first thing your guests see when they turn up at the door, so many people focus completely on decking the halls inside the house while ignoring the exterior. If you have a front garden, giving it a tidy or mowing the lawn are the basics you should take care of before guests arrive. Particularly if the path leading to your front door is quite narrow, and winds through a garden, make sure all your plants are well pruned and the walking space is clear. If your back yard is part of your entertaining area, make sure it’s well kept and well lit so your guests can find their way around easily as the sun goes down. You can even welcome your guests with a Christmas wreath on the front door or Christmas lights on the front garden – how festive!

A Mini Makeover

If you’ve got more time on your hands and more cash to splurge, why not invest in a little mini home makeover to impress your guests this Christmas? A fresh coat of paint, a feature wall, a new lounge set or a renovated kitchen or bathroom can really give your home a breath of fresh air if it’s been needing it – but make sure you plan properly as such jobs can take quite a bit of work and you don’t want to be in the middle of your work when your guests arrive! If you are an experienced DIYer, and you know a small job you’d like to get done, then why not add that little special touch before the holidays. That’s one easy way to get your guests to notice the amazing effort you put in!

In addition, don’t forget to schedule a time for our team to clean up professionally for your home or office!