Are you considering hiring professional carpet cleaning services? Well, carpet cleaners are essential in your cleaning endeavor both for large scale and small scale cleaning. Once you have researched potential professional carpet cleaning services, it is crucial to evaluate each of them to be able to determine the best choice.

Below are factors to consider when in the evaluation process:

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  • 1. Scope of the cleaning work
  • 2. Cleaning method and equipment
  • 3. Certification and accreditation
  • 4. Price
  • 5. Company’s Performance record
  • 6. Cleaning staff
  • 7. Contract terms
  1. Scope of the cleaning work

This is determined by the size of the carpet and the frequencies of cleaning. Consider a company that can graciously handle your size of work and deliver effectively.

  1. Cleaning method and equipment

Find out type of cleaning methods that a company offers and whether they have the relevant equipment for the job.

  1. Certification and accreditation

The industry is not regulated, but there are various trade associations like SCRIA or IICRC that a carpet cleaning company can join. These associations expect a certain level of integrity from their members. Franchised carpet cleaning companies are also required to deliver a standard of service that is set by the franchisor.  Ensure to hire the cleaning services of an accredited company.

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  1. Price

Do a thorough market research and come up with a carpet cleaning budget. Notably, low price does not guarantee cost effectiveness. Pricing is the factor of the cleaning method used and the size of the job. Choose the most cost effective cleaning that offers good service for the money. Seek discount for large scale cleaning services.

  1. Company’s Performance record

Seek referrals from friends and colleagues for companies that they have found suitable for carpet cleaning. Read customer reviews on the website, to be able to gauge their performance records.

  1. Cleaning staff

Find out whether the company has their own technicians or are the jobs outsourced. In either case, ensure that the technicians have basic training on health and safety. Also, ensure that the technicians have proper training on appropriate chemical use and proficiency in utilizing cleaning equipment.

  1. Contract terms

Stipulate your terms of engagement with the company giving details of liability and payment methods.