Leather products, be it clothing or furniture are highly priced. Therefore they should be properly maintained to preserve their classic look and prevent them from damage. How is leather cleaning conducted?

  1. Establish what kind of leather you have, finished or unfinished. Mostly leather on furniture is finished. A label is usually attached which contains all information needed. The label contains clear guidelines that will protect your Leather recliner half and halfleather from damage.
  2. With the label information in hand purchase a cleaning kit. The kit will have all essentials needed to protect your leather. Most kits contain cleaning products with natural oils that help in protecting leather from stains.
  3. Conditioners also play an important role. The best conditioner is a pH balanced one. This will act as a water and stain repellent and protect leather from UV rays.
  4. Fading on leather occurs when leather is put on direct sunlight. Therefore, to maintain the new look on leather always keep it away from direct sunlight. Smoking near leather should be avoided because of the burns and stains.
  5. Regularly dusting improves the look of leather and prevents dust from build up. A soft cloth is always recommended for dusting to prevent scratching the leather.
  6. Spills should be cleaned immediately with leather specific cleaners. Cleaning the spills immediately helps in preventing the leather from damage and having an unpleasant look.
  7. Always follow the manufacturers cleaning instructions.
  8. To remove sticky stains like chewing gum, completely dry the gum then remove it with a soft cloth gently. Finish with a conditioner.
  9. Spraying equal contents of water and isopropyl will remove mold and mildew. After spraying gently wipe with a soft cloth.
  10. Maintaining a classic look on leather can be achieved by regularly cleaning and reading labels and following the guidelines keenly.

Specific stains will prove difficult to remove. This is where services of professionals come in handy. Since the professionals are well trained and experienced they are the best fit for stubborn stains. Contact Chemdry Amazing for further advice on leather cleaning.