footprintI cleaned, sanitized & deodorized a carpet for a lovely lady in North Brisbane the other day.
We discussed protection and I pointed out the advantages of adding protection, now that the carpet has been cleaned, such as:

  1. Longer lasting clean
  2. More cost effective in the long run
  3. Fewer cleans necessary, and so on,

So I was surprised when a week or so later she called with a complaint that the carpet was dirty! I revisited, free of charge, to investigate the nature of the soiling and found it to be mud that was walked in from outside.

We discussed the nature of the mud on the carpet and I was taken by surprise to hear that she was under the impression that the carpet would never soil again, now that it has been protected! I explained that the protection would protect the carpet, but if someone walks mud onto the carpet there will be mud on the carpet and it will still need to be removed.

She was happy after my explanation, especially when I simply vacuumed the mud off the carpet and no stain or soil was left to be seen!